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Shopping sherlock presentation ...

Simon Brooks, global affiliate.
Here’s the best part, Do you think others are going to want to know how they can make money giving something away for FREE? Our distributors say that once someone experiences the savings they simply share the Sherlock plan and start building a team of like-minded people. Distributors can build a team in a variety of different countries as the Sherlock is going global. Because of the low startup cost of a onetime license fee of $249 and a low monthly fee of $34.95 finding people that want to start their own home based business is easy. The cool thing is that the value of the Sherlock package is worth far more than that. They give you everything you need including your own website, unlimited inventory of Shopping Sherlock Apps to giveaway, a turnkey marketing system including your very own blog and much more! In fact, here are all of the features involved with the Shopping Sherlock package,     

Shopping sherlock, is it a SCAM?

Scams in the Network Marketing Industry that usually are illegal have no products, pay people for recruiting and many times have investment opportunities of thousands of dollars. When you analyze Shopping Sherlock, the initial product purchase is $249 and the monthly overhead subscription is $34.95. When you analyze the products people get for $249 dollars, it is really a remarkable value! Products which are detailed later in this article give someone everything they need to start a worldwide, Internet business and the monthly subscription of 34.95  is also a tremendous value. Where else can you run your own business that includes a turn-key marketing system, a social media platform, including your own blog, branding and sales tools and your own mobile app for a monthly overhead expense of $34.95 per month.

The Shopping Sherlock opportunity and products position their distributors to profit from several of the biggest trends and opportunities on the Internet. Those trends include people using the Internet to find the best deals on products and services, the growth of mobile and people using mobile devices to do the same thing.  As Shopping Sherlock distributors give the app away on the net and on mobile devices and their customers benefit from quickly and easily finding the best deals on products they are interested in and buying them, or even requesting additional info, Shopping Sherlock representatives can get paid. The average active Shopping Sherlock distributor has 26 customers. Shopping Sherlock representatives simply give the app away for free and they make money as people benefit from the product and they can build a team of people worldwide to do the same thing.

For similar analogies, in the search engine space you had companies like Alta Vista, Lycos and Excite that competed with Yahoo, Google and Bing. Google has dominated that space while several of the other’s became irrelevant or went out of business. The search space became an incredible market and Google executed better than the others. In Social Media Friendster was the first Social Media Company, followed by MySpace and Facebook. Facebook has dominated that niche. In the online auction space, Onsale was the first to market. Ebay came into that space and created one of the great Internet success stories.
Shopping Sherlock management believes that people using the Internet and Mobile devices to shop and find the best prices on products and services represents a huge trend and worldwide opportunity. The fact that the Company they bought the price comparison engine from didn’t capitalize on that trend, does not reflect negatively on the tremendous opportunity or market potential in that space.  Shopping Sherlock’s has the ability to execute and capitalize on those trends, and provide a better platform and opportunity for their distributors around the world.

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How to grow in the business !

This short video will show you how it works !

Here are some saving stories from shopping sherlock users:

I recently purchased 4 Bluetooth wireless ear buds. Original price was $99.00 each. We found and purchased them for $20.00 per pair! That’s a $316 savings!” Atlanta GA.

“I was looking for a GPS for my wife, normally cost between $150 to $250, and found it on the Shopping Sherlock “Daily Deal” for $84.” St. Louis MO.

“Needed a new stove so I went down to the local RC Willey store to see which one I wanted, took a pic with my phone of the model number and it was $889.00. Came home Sherlocked it and found it for $719.00 with free freight. I printed the offer and drove back to the store and showed it to them and they matched it. I saved $170.00 AWESOME!”

“I needed to replace my Golf driver and I knew which club I wanted as I tested it at my local driving range. I found it for $479.99 on the Nike website, but then I used the Sherlock and to my amazement the Sherlock found the exact same club for $149.99 saving me a huge $330! Miami FL.  


If you have ever considered starting a home based business the timing is right. The home based businesses opportunity market is expected to see the largest growth in over 20 years starting in 2013. Most people are discovering that it is easier to start a home business than to find employment. Even full time employees are looking for ways to supplement their incomes, create a safety net in case they experience layoffs or closings and many are just trying to establish balance in their lives by creating more time to spend with their families. In addition, when you consider the tax advantages of starting your own business, it becomes a very smart investment as well as a tremendous opportunity.

Shopping sherlock mobile APP, see how it works !!!

Any one downloading it on their phone, the invatation code is: 75647